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On The Court Spotlight Artist: Tito Gambino

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

In walks Tito Gambino, wearing Ugg boots and a New York tee, naming a few items he picked up from New York, the birthplace of Hip Hop however, he would not ever live in New York, because of the rats, "Rats moving in with me, I can't", said Gambino. His favorite place to visit and potential future place to reside is the Bay Area, California. "Cali is calm, I'm not looking over my shoulders while walking the street at 3am and the weather is decent, even though Chicago has the best food, I'll just have to get a Chef." Tito goes on to say his favorite food are french fries, "You can't go wrong with them, and they are everywhere." no particular cut, but his least favorite are curly fries. Gambino is a rising Hip Hop star with a new wave of sound, a modern type of music, Tito refuses to put himself in a box, one moment he will sing R&B and the next he will rap, and later he may come out with a gospel album, true versatility.

He is the definition of an artist; a poet, producer, performer, recording engineer, mixing/mastering engineer and a podcaster. He also plays instruments such as: piano, flute, and violin. He keeps his blades sharp by taking production classes with Kayne West's producer and with performances. While writing new music he explains his process, "In order to get my mind right, I think of a color to get my mood right, and I'll also light a candle." Gambino says.

He also took hip hop dance classes years ago, "I would turn my hat around and break dance, I haven't put them into any of my dances, yet." Gambino loves to perform and explains that, "Picking a favorite song to perform is like picking favorite children." Tito's favorite song to perform is one that isn't released yet, and is a real urban song. When creating music, he doesn't limit his content, Tito makes uplifting music to vibe to and also club music to turn up to he says, "This is the entertainment industry; the first thing people forget that this is entertainment."

Tito who is a fellow Cancerian, recently celebrated his 21st birthday and says that the best birthday he celebrated was last year when he turned 20, "It wasn't nothing too special, I've just never had a party growing up, my mom, brother, and I would go out to eat or my friends and I would hang out on the porch." Last year was different, my manager, Lex, our producer Kelel, my brother Rio and my girlfriend, all came to Lex house, they had a cake and sang "Happy Birthday" and everything, I felt really good inside like I was 10 years old, that was such a vivid moment." "Lex is the best Manager" said Gambino, she believes in me and trusts in my craft, "I've never seen a manager work as hard as she does for all of her artists." Tito is referring to Lexi Arce (Couture) the CEO of Couture Music Management, he has been an artist with CMM for nearing 3 years. Tito hosts a Podcast "Bino Radio" that is streaming on YouTube, BuzzSprout, Spotify Podcasts and is in the top 200 Podcasts on Apple Podcasts, he interviews fellow artists, entrepreneurs, influencers discussing music, current events and real-life topics. Tito currently has an EP titled "Past Due" available on all streaming platforms, and has been actively completing his highly anticipated debut album that will be released this year, he has performed at multiple venues and is booked to perform throughout the rest of the year. You can follow Tito on Instagram (@realtitog) and Facebook (Tito Gambino) For booking, features and upcoming events email:, and his EPK can be located at:

Written By: Meli P and Lexi Arce

Editor: Lex Arce

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Tito Gambino 

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